Static Web Designing Company in Delhi

We are one of the best Static website Designers in Delhi. We are also known as Freelance static website designers Delhi.

Static Websites are mainly used for business categories that have content that does not need to be update regularly.

Benefits Of Static Website

(i) Static websites are popular because they are super efficient, extremely fast.
(ii) Light in Size- Its light on code so loads faster than a CMS based website.
(iii) Customize layout—Static website gives you the flexibility of having a layout of your own choice on the other hand CMS websites are limited to a fix layout.
(iv) Less time taking—we can design a upto 5 pages HTML website in one day.

(v) Less Expensive– As compare to CMS websites static websites are less expensive; it also saves the cost of database because of static in nature.
(vii) Use Of Flash— In static websites one can add any type of flash element, however, in CMS websites flash is not supported.